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KTH Royal Institute of technology / se Sweden
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Viktor Nilsson
Pierre Maccario

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Whipped Stream is a proposal that will take both visitors and professional chefs on a vertical journey through the art of food and educate them in the creative process of cooking. The narrative of the building is a linear story through three important stages in the process of cooking; Imagination, Practice and Result.

First stage, Imagination:
The first stage shall stimulate and inspire the senses. Here one is able to to taste, smell, feel and understand the ingredients, the ingredients that dictates what we can cook. Through a deeper understanding of how the ingredients works one can start to provide an image and an idea of what can be achieved.

Second stage, Practice:
In the second stage when the ideas are is set you start to plan, create and refine the ideas into a physical dish. In this phase other artist can also give their input and influence others. Through focus, hard work and patience one may finally end up with a unique gastronomic product that can be shared in the final stage.

Third stage, Result:
The third and last stage is where you present the product, this is where you perform and share your work with others.

These stages creates the basis for the organization and aligns the program along straight linear walk paths, one for the visitors and one for the professional chefs. Since the site is limited and situated in an urban context the two paths is shared on the same track and whipped into a vertical walk path, a spiral.
The public walk path provides numerous of activities for the visitors while the other is a closed and intimate path only for the chefs where they can focus on their work and specific parts of their program. In between these two spaces an interaction emerges where fruitful relationships between visitors and chefs can appear both visually or physically.

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Congratulations!, great project!!!. I love the way to solve the program on a vertical journey...

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