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Observation as a path for retaining and preserving

About the exercise of creative work, I believe it is logical to associate it to the vagrancy of any wandering practice, because I do not pretend to have a single line or investigative work.

I choose to move between different stages, own or other’s, generating endless questions or concerns or responses to innate inquiries which originate from observation, is building a collection, such as an autopoietic system, which is constantly transforms its parts and regenerating more content, probably infinite.

Now, if I were to structure my perception as an architect, undoubtedly my academic influence would be my collum, (my neck): the essential core work; and from it I would learn to hear, in order to understand how to do. Having set these two figures, we can –for the first time- acutely and critically look around us. That way, we can finally have a first smell and a voice, about what we want to be and do.

But, when looking back at all this, how much of what we see, we finally remember? From the Latin, ‘recordare’ (again) and ‘cordis’ (heart), pass again through the heart, the place where we keep important things, simple as it may be, how much of it, can we bring to the present?

There lies the first sketch of my craft, which I expose now openly.

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