IE Architecture+ Prize

Anterior Proyecto 18 de 60 Siguiente


IEAP - 1397
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla / mx Mexico
1 miembros
Alejandro Morales Macias

Tipo de proyecto:
Edificios Públicos

The guiding idea is a triangle, being the simplest and most stable and resistant geometric figure that can be built, and ideologically it is linked to spirituality (divine eye and holy trinity), symbolizing perfection, harmony and wisdom.
In the elevation, the main figure of the design makes a garter belt deconstruction of a pyramid having a vertex directed to the Southeast (rising Sun), and later two triangles intertwined to the main one, one being a water mirror and the other being an element that crosses the figure main and that it gives natural light from the highest part of this architectural element.
A study is carried out of the best location of the Cemetery within one of the main cities of Mexico which is Puebla (fourth largest city in the country), where a study of all public places destined for burials is carried out, and the Southeast of the city where there are no such properties. The vertical graveyard is designed as a spatial solution for a high demographic demand of said City, without occupying horizontal spaces and preventing the growth of the same city horizontally.
Architectonic program: Lobby / Chapel / Sales area / Mausoleums / Columbariums / Wakes / Cafeteria / Restrooms / Crematorium / Parking / Administration / Machine room.
This architectural program is divided into three main areas, Burials, Wakes and Administrative Area. The project houses a Capacity of 1,830 burials housed in a Mausoleum divided into Three floors and 9,396 burials in a Columbarium divided into Four floors and Three funerals with a capacity of more than 100 people.
The materials of the main architectural element is lined with a metal which is separated from each floor, to introduce natural lighting, and at night this same element becomes reflective to the city, contrasting with the other architectural element that crosses the main one, giving firmness like a dark element.
Inside a garden is housed, being the lung of the building itself and which is separated from a glass by another exterior garden where it is perceived as a single green space. The natural overhead lighting is introduced by the second architectural element which will allow natural lighting and ventilation; and in rainy seasons the access of water will not be a problem due to the same inclination of said element.

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