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Khulna University / bd Bangladesh
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Hasib  Sarowar

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Residencial Colectiva

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. The country has had a long experience of several cyclone events, floods, landslides, arsenic, poisoning, tornadoes, and is under threat from earthquakes. The country is also highly vulnerable to climate change, which is also threat for livelihoods and food security. The vernacular architecture and long practice settlement pattern of rural areas are not resilient to resist the disaster effects. These resilient force a large number of people to migrate in cities of Bangladesh from different rural areas. But the “Jaladas” a socio- politically secluded community in Bangladesh and who have no option rather fighting again the disaster.
Rivers are integral parts of Bangladesh & Bengali peoples’ life. The whole country is criss-crossed by more than 700 rivers including their tributaries. In other Words, rivers formed this country as a Delta. Delta has been contributing to spring life to this land with agriculture, food, transportation, and tranquil beauty, creating opportunity for different occupations like fishing. People who are traditionally engaged in sea – or river – fishing in Bangladesh are known as ‘Jaldas’, ‘Jal’ means water and ‘Das’ could mean either a slave or a fishermen. Either way the very word ‘Jaldas’ stands to mean people entirely dependent on water for their livelihood. By religion traditionally belong to schedule caste (low caste) Hinduism. However in course of time and for more practical economic reasons people from other religion islam are becoming more and more involved in this occupation.
The century old tradition of these ‘Jaldases’ is now under a continuous pressure to break apart. This process has been started since the mid-1960s. Before that the ‘Jaldases’ could control this occupation by themselves but now they cannot do it for various reasons like- a) Modern concept of fishing. b) Changed socio-economic conditions. c) And In some cases for environmental reasons.
Among institutions outside the community, civil society institutions such as NGOs play a role in the relief and rehabilitation process, but how the settlement, sustain including single dwelling unit, can be natural disaster and earthquake resilient with the available construction technique, local materials and least construction cost.
The main goal of this research it to develop possible an architectural and planning solution which is sustainable for this special community, where the suggested solutions are sustainable and affordable.

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