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The “Estación de Delicias” has been the first Madrid’s monumental station after “Estación Príncipe Pío” and “Estación de Atocha”.
The current railway network isolates the “Estación de Delicias” creating a interruption in the urban fabric of the neighborhood. North and South are disconnected and it makes an interference in the spot, making the “Parque Tierno Galván” accessible only from the North side. The RENFE local railway located in the North of the spot has a stop platform which doesn’t allow permeability and makes the place impassable. The main aim of this proposal, including an hotel and a business center, is to revitalise this zone which has been abandon like an island inside the urban fabric. As previously mentioned, the current design of the RENFE local railway and its stop platform have made a crack between the two parts of the city. This proposal is based on interconnecting the isolated zones regarding the next actions:
- Undergrounding of the RENFE local and AVE (high-speed train) railway.
- Recovery and rehabilitation.
- Construction of a transport exchanger whose center área is the station connected with:
- Local railway (Cercanías RENFE).
- AVE.
- Bus station.
- Underground.
- Parking lot for private vehicles with 900 spots.
- Construction of an annexed park to the “Parque Tierno Galván”. This new park connects with “Parque Tierno Galván” and different platforms fixes the slope with “calle Ramírez de Prado”.
- Construction of an only building which includes the business center, hotel and the entrance to the local train (Cercanías), AVE and underground using the station as a link between the new building and the old one.

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