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IEAP - 1221
Politécnica de Valencia / es Spain
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Cayetano Fernández Tamayo

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The project is located in the heart of Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia, Spain. At the foot of Castle Nogalte within an ancient Muslim farmhouse and degraded. The historical district is socially and physically disconnected environment of the castle and the rest of the town inhabited by gypsy families. The purpose of the intervention is socially and physically integrate the "gypsy neighborhood" with their environment. Healing the wounded heart of Puerto Lumbreras The proposal involves two levels:

Through the concept "Urban Tour" and "urban attractors" poses a tour that: 1 Reinstate socially gypsy culture. 2 Solve the problems 3 Put in value the next cultural buildings, cave dwellings hillside castle 4 Solve the vertical and horizontal access and retrieve the lost value of the Muslim farmstead.

The socio cultural center develops inside the gypsy neighborhood to meet the needs of families in the neighborhood, including cultural and generate the villagers meetings, resolve accessibility issues, generate an attractive landscape to attract activity and tourism.

Intervention strategy

The existing urban morphology is very disjointed, the steepness of the terrain hinders communications. The street is inhabited by families as the living room of the house itself. For these reasons the intervention materializes outside and small volumes that arise from within the mountain. In plants underground activities increased flow and space are developed, they are flexible and open .In stays the surface are small facilities. The outer materiality tries to adapt to chromaticism presents the urban environment, while the interior evokes the feeling of cave. At the same time, the vertical connection through a garden axis from giving access to the various rooms of the socio-cultural center is resolved.

Volumes are born from the medians of the adjacent buildings, leaving them and separating them views to allow the entry of light. In turn, the expressiveness of the volumes emphasizes different perspectives on their journey. The sloping roofs of preexisting determine the nature of the volúemenes, these are inclined to the north to avoid the strong insolation.

An exercise in geometric abstraction of Muslim architecture is performed to create a light filter "Dramatic" in various volumes.

One of the strategies I use to really understand the needs of the gypsy family, was to establish a link with one of the families to understand and hear directly from them what they needed.

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