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IEAP - 1220
Universidad de Navarra / es Spain
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Raquel Vicente

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The aim of this final project is to create a school for elementary and primary education in Grand Park of Zaragoza, or also known as “José Antonio Labordeta”, where the landscape and the educational model are the clues of the project.

In the “Future School” educational activities will increasingly take place outside the traditional classroom and introduce new ways of learning. Rincón de Goya school is a building tailored to support the pedagogical ideas of a forward-looking school. In its operation, the school puts special emphasis on new ways of learning, art and physical education and collaboration. The building supports these aim ideas by creating places for interaction of various scales and atmospheres.
These different spaces are organization with the idea to continue and provide an end to the park, as consequence to the drastic cut which cause the Round Hispanidad. For that, the proposal is a funny composition with full and empty blocks, which following the axis and the simple geometry of a large French parterre located in the park, that composition process reminds me the idea when I used to played with legos. So, the building combined a close contact to the nature and light, stimulates the joy of learning in a challenging environment for both children and adults alike.

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