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The project is located in Rotterdam, in the town of Vlaardingen. It is a strategic spot for the trade of materials, having routes by land and sea.
The area is an anodyne and empty place, lacking a spatial quality; with areas of scrappy and abandoned buildings.
Currently these factories do not generate any impact on us. It is for this reason that comes the need to give priority to a public space, strengthened through a new path from the Vlaardingen train station to the river bank that will generate cultural activities and a continued transit of people.
The route from the train station to the school can be full of adventures, a direct contact with the art and the artist. Therefore, the character of the new area of the Arts is represented by the drift of all individuals who constitute it.

A double operation is performed:
- A School of Arts and Crafts, a project for teaching, research and development of new materials and processing.
The project aims to create an interaction between the various training schools of Rotterdam, and a tour through the project that allows us to know the process of creation from the materials themselves arriving at the port.
The goal of the School is to concatenate the visual sensations through the progressive shift to an understanding. Both the interior and exterior tours invite you to let go and have no preconceived spatial experiences. It refuses both the direct and the regulated way and invites to colonize the interior space digress.

The journey to get to the school is split into two. On the one hand, it goes through the project in a linear fashion while the other, invites you to go around the front perimeter to locate the ramp. This second approach provides a view of the building from different points and invites us to ascend.
Inside the program, the ramp is also required for a progressive shift, similar to the development in the visit to a museum or art gallery. Each inner ramp connects to a feature space. Classrooms and offices, workshops, lecture hall, the library or the exhibition area; each one offers a different experiences.
Furthermore, the paths introduced and generated by the ramps symbolize the relationship between the art world and society today.

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