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The probable of the variable: an ecosystem growth over M-30 Manotera ́s road junction

Probability has become a recent architect strategy to deal with the problem of uncertainty. The large scale projects or those which require different phases to be built give a chance for the development of this kind of project approaches. In this regard, architects have given up the control of their projects or designs for more opened and self-organized structures. Nowadays, architects are no longer the designer who try to control the whole urban process, but architects have become a mere catalyst of that process.
According to this approach, this final-year Project has been developed, and titled “The probable of the variable: an ecosystem development over M-30 Manotera ́s road junction”. First of all, it is important to make clear that a project which is figured along the time is just a simulation but not a real project. Therefore, it is a demonstration about how it would probably work and not something to be built. Its development and transformation will depend on the future demands and circumstances, what finally will determine if it is or is not constructed. Consequently, it makes sense to wonder what is the work that an architect who deals with uncertainty should developed?
Define and fix up the regular criteria in comparison with the variables parameters. Uncertainty will be related to probability as a mechanism which will limit the project wide-ranging; these possibilities are not infinite but variable. Probability it is not a circumstance explained by the lack of data or ignorance, but a phenomenon inherent to all urban process that is almost comprehensive and directed along the time.
However, the first stage of the project is entirely defined by the architect. He is the future urban processes catalyst or agent of change. According to this framework, the communication structures and the Manotera ́s road intersections are defined as the first stage, from which the rest of the project will be developed. This stage is considered as an independent phase, which will not require any of the following phases for its functioning, although it is true that this first stage would enhance the later ones.
Multiple strategies have been used to deal with the complexity of this space. Starting from the road junction structure described, the aim of this project is to generate an ecosystem that would be able to absorb the CO2 and the noise from all this space. Therefore, a constructive technique based on the atmosphere cleansing, was developed. In addition, this project would be able to solve the problem about how to build over a road junction without the traffic tad to be interrupted.
Finally, I would like to emphasize the experimental value related to this final-year project which goes into areas still pending of examining and analyzing by architects as time and uncertainty topics.

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