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IEAP - 1424

IEAP - 1424
Universidad de San Buenaventura / co Colombia
1 miembros
Jesus Quintana

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The current educational system is immersed in a series of changes; the use of new technologies, the needs of the context, the transformation of pedagogy, among others, that force a rethinking of conventional learning models and, with them, the spaces where these models are carried out. The learning of knowledge depends on a suitable educational environment, which must be able to satisfy the particular needs of each educational approach.

In the case of the architecture program, the spatial environment plays a fundamental role in the formation of practical knowledge. The purpose of this project is to provide spaces that meet the necessary requirements for the development of pedagogical work within the framework of versatility, taking into account variables of adaptability and comfort.

In this order of ideas, the architectural design is conceived under the creation of modules type sheds that allow to modify the spatiality as a consequence of the rotary movement of the same; The modules (creative classrooms) have mobile acoustic doors that unify these classrooms with each other and with the large articulation space in which they are arranged.

The different activities that make up this project, such as bathrooms, lockers, 2D and 3D printing room, creative classrooms, viewpoint and documentation center, are distributed throughout the joint space, which functions as a central plaza; in which there are areas of benches, ramps to higher levels and a rest area, which, together, manage to energize this large space. It should be noted that the volume manages to integrate with the existing vegetation of the place. This integration with nature manages to further air-condition the internal distributions, giving rise to direct contact with the creative classrooms, so that the vegetation constitutes a determining factor within its multipurpose arrangement.

The design took into account two fundamental factors that include versatility: furniture and spatial quality. The latter considers the variables of spatial capacity, color, air conditioning and lighting; For this reason, warm and neutral colors such as yellow and white are used to promote creativity and tranquility, respectively, combining harmoniously with the natural light provided by the environment and with the appropriate LED light for architectural design; resulting in pleasant spaces for learning knowledge in architecture.

These factors constitute what for Gastón Bachelard would be "the first function of inhabiting" (2000, p. 27), a determining factor in the development of this project.

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