Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1152
Roma Tre University / it Italy
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Paolo Pirri

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The task of architecture for us is to create a unique system between nature and built by integrating existing vegetation as much as possible. Architecture and nature travel in parallel, to create a space characterized by a single language: "The nature of the built, the built by nature". The plastic represents the worst evil for the environment, so the philosophy of the project is based on the re-use, providing within the project of plastic collection points, which is then collected and reused to create filaments used in 3D printers for the creation of the element of the project itself, composed of 4X4 prefabricated modules, the quality of which is both economic, and the ease of assembly as well as the ability to adapt to any function, and to create any space in relation to nature.

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