Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

A SYNESTHETIC FOLLY_The idea of transliterating musical concepts into architectural forms has been around for centuries.
From the infamous quote “architecture is frozen music” by Goethe, through the treaties by De Stijl artists that compared jazz syncopation with their composition by planes, and finally to the artistic and professional bond between Le Corbusier and avant-garde composer and engineer Iannis Xenakis, the history of this marriage of arts is long and full of great examples.
This Pavilion tries to homage this daring endeavour, taking as a reference the three main elements of popular and rock music that the concerts in this park have so contributed to enrich: rhythm, harmony and melody.
The main space consists of a ditch ideally carved in the park’s ground, with concrete blocks emerging from this dig with a syncopated rhythm, inspired directly by the stressed notes in Dave Bruebeck’s Take Five. The heaviness and “grounded” qualities of this architectural elements ideally link to the foundation of every musical piece: rhythm. There is also an historical reason to this choice of musical piece: it was an inspirational musical experiment for many pop bands of the 60’s and 70’s, which heard that use of an unusual time signature (5/4) as a starting point for research on the expressive potential of pop music, leading to the movement known as Progressive Rock, which includes many famous bands that played in Hyde Park, like Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull.
The space is covered by a large, tent-like concrete structure, the “harmonic” part. Harmony has mostly a lighter weight in a musical piece, it can go anywhere as jazz teaches us, but it stays rooted in a solid rhythm. As for the melodic part, people, like notes, move in this space as they like, but happily grounded in rhythm and protected by harmony.
The Pavilion has three main functions: it can be used as a place of leisure; anyone can sit on the blocks and enjoy a good book or a nice framed view of the naturalistic surroundings, like the historical follies that made English-style gardens in the eighteenth century; as an informative space for past and future concerts, with live projections on the “harmony tent” showing what was like to be there; as a live performance stage, to promote emerging bands and solo artists and encourage them to showcase their music to the world in a pleasant summer evening or afternoon.
This open structure aims to enrich the Park with a “liveable sculpture” that anyone can use as desired, and to become a reference point for every music lover that happens to pass by and notice this tent in the woods.

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