Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1077
Universidad Nacional de Rosario / ar Argentina
1 miembros
Santiago Semino

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Our proposal is located in the Kensington Gardens, on the Hyde Park side, between the lake and the Carriage Dr. The area It’s ideal for the implantation of the Music & Art Walk, that not only links the artistic spots, also includes our Music Pavilion.
The walk meanders between the existing trees and it’s materialized by a path inspired in music.
In the middle of the path a wide esplanade ties together the music pavilion and the open air amphitheatre.
The roof, with its folded shapes contains the program, distributing and sectorizing the interior generating enough space for exphibitions, audition area, school of music, bar and services. This grand space conects with the park through large glass openings and semi-covered areas. The interior stays still with a shiny white material to emphasize what happens inside. On the other hand, the roof is protagonist of the site with its shiny, copper stainless steel, atracting visitors to come in and visit it.
Our Music & Art Walk, not only has a music pavilion but also arrogates this area of the park, revalues it and adds a new icon specially to stroll, live and enjoy.

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