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IOA - 1139
Politecnico di Milano / it Italy
2 miembros
Marco Busani
Annalisa Banfi

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The project builds on the main characteristic of the city of Venice - being a piece of land surrounded by water. Flooded Oasis is a temporary floating island located in the east section of the Canal Grande, facing Piazza San Marco. It provides a new perspective on the city and a visual connection between the square, the Riva degli Schiavoni, San Giorgio Island and the sea.

The island is wrapped in a light metal grid inspired by the arcades and porches that characterise the city. The apparent fragility of the structure represents the instability of the city in relation to the sea. The arcades can be crossed by boats so that one can directly dock on the island.

The main building is conceived as a succession of volumes and voids, of loggias and enclosed interiors. Inside its walls, the three-storey building hosts a court as a stage for events, exhibitions and performances. This court is celebratory of Venice numerous campos. It is representative of two key aspects of the city: the architectural rhythm created by alleys, squares and arcades and the acqua alta phenomenon. When sea level rises in the lagoon, the inner court floods through an opening cut on the ground flooring. This space is lowered so that the flood affects only the central part of the island.

From the outside only a glimpse of what is concealed in the interior is revealed. The court hosts a secret garden with trees planted in floating pots and vines. This green area is visible only from the arcades of the first floor and the entrances at sea level. This creates a strategic view and particular perspectives from and to the city that recall the ones of the narrow alleys of Venice.

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