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Fight for Hunger

IEAP - 1362
Stamford University Bangladesh / bd Bangladesh
1 miembros
Md.Matiar Rahman

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The project is a proposal for an institution fostering agriculture for a local community. Main component of the concept is our large labor force. Aim is that the local community will learn by non-formal education and have the scope to work at situ.The project is also aimed as a zero carbon entity and run by energy produced in site.The project draws from the traditional composition of courtyard dominated rural built forms surrounding a tree which generates life being a place for interaction. The built forms are responsive to tropical climate. Materials used for structures are mud, bamboo woven screen walls reinforced with wooden poles, corrugated sheet and Ferrocement slabs. The key aim of the project is to make our farmer more skillful, resolve future food lackings, create consciousness to the society, reduce unemployment, and ensure them better life.

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