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ELDERLY HOUSING with a barrier free design

3APP - 1110
Ajman University of Science & technology / ae United Arab Emirates
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Manal Slaiman

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Residencial Unifamiliar

UAE is one of the countries that are developing fast, and in such cases its hard for old people to keep going in the speed era.

Designing a nursing home that respects the historical and Islamic aspects in the country, and trying to let people accept its idea.
This nursing home will be different than the once that are already there, this new nursing home will serve as a club, hospital and a rehabilitation center only for old people. And for later it will help them to keep up with this speed development, try to use their experience in life and apply it, and if they are able to work the nursing home will help them to achieve that.

Trying to change the old idea that nursing home is a place where old people go to spend their last days or to die without being a problem for anyone of their family members, to turn the idea 180 degrees, showing that this place can be a start for a new life style and a way of living.

The nursing home will offer a healthy environment for old people, where they can stay there safely, being observed and medically take care of. Even if they don’t want to stay, it works as activity club for them, and it may be used for social events and activities.

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