Canyon View Accommodation

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Detach - CaVA 1179

CaVA - 1179
Universidade Paulista - UNIP / br Brazil
3 miembros
Adriana  Lima
Leonardo  Toni
Daniel Oliveira

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Canyon View Accommodation
Inserted in the immediate vicinity of Tiger Wash, the project is more than just a waypoint, but a self-sustaining human community organism, allowing not only the visit but the extended stay of its visitors and residents. With access by land or by air, the project takes advantage of isolation as a positive feature and as part of the experience lived by its guests.
Its triangular shape reflects the firmness of the rocks that surround it, without losing the delicacy that the rustic environment values. The large glass panels surround their angled sides, reflecting in various ways the grandiosity of the outside landscape. The floors are separated by 90 meters, maintaining the monumentality of the external environment, and supported by thick steel rods at their outer ends.
Delicately resting on the canyon, the solar panels-covered roof support the levels below, protecting them from the sun, and providing all the energy needed for the operation of the DETACH complex. In the glass panels, retractable canvases control the sun exposure of the decks below.
With about 160 thousand m², the park has a large collection of plant species, with dense tree mass areas, several leisure equipment, miles of pathways and bikepaths that permeate all of the park areas. The Elevated Park is the largest pavement, creating a micro climate that helps in the thermal control of the complex.
The Accommodation Complex pavement gathers areas for housing - being 2/3 in hotel format and 1/3 residential - at the external edges, with an area dedicated to small subsistence and service stores, spa, gym, an auditorium with capacity for 600 people, and 3 bars arranged in the 3 sectors that compose the pavement. In the three cores, the areas of administration and internal services are concentrated.
The suspended deck is the lower floor of the project, hanging over the canyon. There the observatory is located, with large areas of glass flooring, a restaurant and bar, and large pool area with glass bottom. The pavement is divided into two areas, the largest for general visitation and the lowest for guests and residents, separated by different floor heights. On this pavement, people may have the experience of feeling hung more than 350m over the ground without any inferior support. It is the climax of the DETACH experience.

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