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IEAP - 1213
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM) / es Spain
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Paula Pascual

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City, history, wall and crack.

With these words we can describe the main idea.

Trying not to compete with its surroundings, this project (an open public space and a music school with classrooms, library, cafeteria and a small concert hall) disappears underground being The Concert Hall the only building in sight.

The school is divided in two different parts by a crack. There are two accesses, one of them near Tiergarten and the other one near Potsdamer Platz. The characteristics of this linking path are the different types and shapes of ramps with a 6% of slope and U-Glass walls around the perimeter of it. This type of building enclosure is illuminated at night, making the school resemble a big flashlight.

All the cross sections of the music school follow the same idea. From left to right there are: a transit area with a roof slope to allow the entrance of natural light + lockers + theory or instrumental classrooms with U-Glass walls open to the crack + open space (the crack) + the library and study areas/ the secretary’s office/ the teacher’s offices/ the interior and exterior Concert Hall/ the cafeteria.

The shape of the project tries to make more powerful the break and crack idea. There are no orthogonal spaces, apart from the Concert Hall and small service areas. Trapeziums and irregular forms are very positive for acoustic points on walls and ceilings.

The best material for this type of buildings is wood. Concrete is also used for interiors and stone for exterior areas.

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