Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1851
MIAMI DADE COLLEGE / us United States
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stefka kuneva

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HI my name is Stefka kuneva I am in Desing 4
My project, The Books, is a socially engaged project, which
aims to bring people back to paper book and shows them the beauty of reading.

With its artistic design and doorless facades, it claims to be attractive and
hospitable for vast range of visitors and draws them into the atmosphere of
reading. The Books is a free of service place where people can bring, take
and leave books and journals.

The immortality of the book and its constant form allow the project easily
to adapt to different environments, themes or causes and, in the partticilar case,
merge with the pictureque style of Central Park. The Books pursues to complement
the location without disturbing or changing its core entity. The compressed paper
modular construction gives mobility to the pavilion and enables, periodically and
easily, to be relocated.

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