Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1653
Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo / ar Argentina
3 miembros
Mauro Ferraina
Emiliano Martin Fernandez Mele
Juan Manuel

Tipo de proyecto:
Edificios Públicos

The idea is to create a pedestrian trail defined by several points of interest, alongside a number of patios at different levels where different social and cultural activities take place.

The usage of the golden rectangle and repetition of this figure in the project’s floorplan gives us the possibility to open and enclose spaces in order to generate a trail described as a “loop”, a tour that compels you to go through the entire building .

To intervene the park without meddling with the essential characteristics of the park we thought of using a light modulated structure, easy to assembly and disassembly that allows defined trails and patios as well as the potential spatial growth required for larger programmes not included in the original scheme.

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