Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1532
Doowon Technical University / kr Korea, Republic of
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Hong gi Kim
hosu kim

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Put time into space

We can divide the past and present into analog and digital.
Modern people are living in a convenient digital age, but you have to remember the nostalgia of analog.
We propose a novel method that can lead to a past of analog nostalgia through this pavilion in Central Park.
We want to bring people back to analog with this pavilion.

Therefore, this pavilion was inspired by the form and principle of the operation of a clock.
After all, we made a space that changes every hour and combines an analogic operating method with modern technology.
Wall to wall the pavilion rotates every hour. The form shows the flow of time.
The changes of the dynamic lines over the flow of time offer a dynamic new experience to visitors every time.

And in this garden the pavilion has other interesting hidden elements.
When the visitors walk through the garden, they will encounter two sculptures at the end of the road.
The molded product is not only to decorate the garden but also lets us know the time and the season through shadow like a sundial.
In this space, we can feel and look at the time and the season of New York directly through these sculptures.

We'll provide a new experience every time for visitors through this pavilion and offer an analog sensibility through the core of this pavilion.
This pavilion is not only the landmark feature of Central Park in New York but also a symbol that contains the time and the seasons of New York.

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