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Conflicting Observations (NOA-1529)

NOA - 1529
Princeton University / us United States
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Cyrus Penarroyo

The contemporary Amazon Basin embodies the conflict between the countervailing desires of capitalism and its ecological effects. On one hand, global consciousness of the environmental importance of the region has transformed it into a touchstone for the managed conservation of nature. On the other, the basin’s holdings have made it into a prime target for resource extraction. Precariously balanced between these two tendencies is the area’s appeal as a tourist site.

We propose that the Amazon Basin should become not merely a place to observe ecological wonders, but one where the visitor can become aware of how economic and scientific forces have transformed interactions between nature and humanity. Our design calls not for a single structure for the observation of nature, but a collection of places and strategies that give the visitor both intimate contact and a broader understanding of the Amazon Basin as a site of exchange and conflict. Each itinerary includes: an international point of entry, a nature preserve, a site of deforestation, and a local settlement. Each of these sites provides a view onto how the Amazon Basin must confront the forces of development and conservation at global and local scales.

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