Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1044
Harbin Institute of Technology / cn China
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1. About Conceptual Design: It's like a flower on a cliff, growing and blooming with the nature , The arch tower, cantilever platform and ground footpath just like the petals of flower.

2. About Structural Design: The scheme uses cable structure to realize cantilever of scenic platform, the cantilever length is close to 40m, but the structure is very light. The deck is made of transparent toughened glass to minimize the isolation between man and nature, let people feel the charm and magic of nature more closely in the viewing platform.

3.About construction considerations: The viewing platform is situated on a cliff more than 1,400 meters away, we must carefully consider its construction plan. The plan considers the structural members assembling on the ground, rotation by spherical hinge at the foot of arch tower, and anchor bolt after turning in place. The construction is just like the process of blooming flowers.

4.About construction costs: Because the structure is very simple and the construction is very convenient, the cost of this project will be very low. It is estimated that only 1,000,000 euros will be needed for this scheme.

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