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More than a destination,
it is a platform for exploration.

Historically the Grand Canyon has been a place that invites to be discovered. It creates a need to feel and understand its scale.
A respect for its essence of erosion guided the idea, not hiding, not excavating but enhancing the geometry of the geology that characterizes this place.

It is a trail through time,
a physical descent that provides the minimal elements of comfort and safety to explore and interact with the different sedimentary rock layers and the geometries they have created since thousands of years ago; sometimes as vertical walls, providing shelter to stay overnight, sometimes as gentle slopes that allow a deeper exploration of the natural environment or sometimes as steep slopes providing spots for contemplation and shading.

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Just came to this place back in 2018 company tour, apart from fun what guys normally do, words of cautions be careful and keep an eagle eye on children. To have soft and smooth walk bring shoes, keep water with yourself.

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