Canyon View Accommodation

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CaVA - 1192
Universidad de Alcalá / es Spain
2 miembros
Cristina Aragón Malo
Katarzyna Cebula

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The beauty of the Grand Canyon’s landscape, a steep gorge carved by the Colorado River in northern Arizona, is due to their shapes, colors and dimensions. The horizontal red shade stripes are sedimentary layers that resemble a painter’s brush strokes, making these views unique.

The Grand Canyon has several viewpoints located in the highest areas to enjoy these breathtaking views. The proposal arises from changing this viewpoint to provide a feeling of weightlessness; of the rocks acting as a framework of the landscape. Looking at the Canyon from the Colorado River; looking at it from the inside.

These accommodations are located along the Colorado River, making it possible to take a trip enjoying this exceptional landscape, and offering the visitors an unique experience.

We use natural elements to integrate our proposal in this hilly countryside - nests to provide accommodation, and wood dams to act as walkways and to connect the first ones with the shore. This can also allow canoes to arrive there through the river.

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