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CaVA - 1141
E.T.S.A. Sevilla (Universidad de Sevilla) / es Spain
3 miembros
Álvaro Reyes de la Rosa
Miguel Ángel Antonio García
Jesús  García Marín

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Water erosion is the principal responsible of the Grand Canyon´s formation. Actually, water is the main “architect” of the Canyon and an essential aspect of its eauty. That´s the reason why we think that this element must be emphasized, in order to remember the Canyon´s origin.

Floating shelters would be located anywhere throughout the river at equidistant strategic points, allowing people to visit the Grand Canyon using the stream as their means of transport while the relationship between visitors and Colorado river grows. In this way, tourists could complete a journey across the river with a canoe without the need of touching the ground. What's more, shelters locations permit people to enjoy places which can´t be reached on foot.

Accomodation is introduced in our environment becoming part of the ecosystem. In one hand, these shelters, as a reminiscence of the main example of nature,
would be opened during the day but closed at night. Just like flowers do. On the other hand; platforms, as leaves for these flowers, create flat meeting spaces where people can interact with each other. Both elements, shelters and platforms, define combinations as a reminding of Indian´s tribes.

Our shelters are made of a light metallic structure, attached to a floating base and covered by semitranslucent fabric that can be opened in order to get a nearly 360º view of the surroundings. These whole floating structures can be connected in many different positions or be removed if they are not necessary. This is a totally sustainable means of transport which doesn´t need permanent constructions or destructive methods. Our objective as humans, must be to respect the forgotten architect´s work.

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