Viewpoint of the Fjords

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A Calm Among the Storm

VOF - 1414
Southern California Institute of Architecture / us United States
2 miembros
Raina Lin
Xinxin Lin

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'A Calm Among the Storm' explores the blurred relationship between nature and Architecture. Architecture will not always become nature, yet the boundaries between the two are ambiguous - sometimes merging, sometimes distinctly separate. in this space, the user travels the twisting path of a space that twists and turns to sometimes reveal itself outside of the waterfall, and other times burying into the cave. At each of these locations, the sounds they hear of the waterfall will be different from the view they are provided. They feel as if in a calm among the storm, because the interior quiet is so different from the wilderness outside of the waterfall. The misalignment of the senses ultimately mirrors the misalignment between Architecture and Nature, as each provides a different and irreplaceable experience.

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A Calm Among the Storm
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