Traditional PR activity versus Modern PR activity in 2020

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13 de Noviembre 2020
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People are spending more time on the internet in 2020.

According to reliable data, people are spending more than 3 hrs daily on the internet in 2020. So, what do you think about this? It means that more than anything, people are getting information from the internet. According to a recent study, the medium from which people used to gather information has changed as well.


Social media platforms especially, Twitter, FB, Insta, and Youtube have become hot cakes for this. These platforms have primarily become the source of information for many people due to the accessibility of the internet.


But what does it mean? Does the impact of traditional PR activity is over? No, absolutely not. This is the mistake a lot of brands are making. This traditional PR is never going to be over.

Look, using social media platforms can help you build the image of the company. 0r, you can say that it can help you to establish a narrative. Whereas traditional PR can help you build credibility.

And, credibility helps in sales. Look, if you have seen an advertisement for a brand. Do you buy the same just because of the advertisement that you see? No, you don’t buy that after seeing the advertisement. But, if one of your known one or friend tells you about the product or services that you are looking at then you are most likely to buy the same product/service. Am I right?

Think about it. What happened? It’s a tried and tested formula. Look word of mouth always works. So, here come traditional pr methods. That helps you create the word of mouth.

Faith is a personal thing. And so having faith in a particular medium is also a very personal choice. Hence, once a brand appears on the platform, that has created the faith of itself, it drives the credibility aspect.

So, my final words. Both PR activities that are traditional PR and modern PR have their respective impact. Stories have an impact. And if you choosing the right medium for the right stories, this always works.

So, here at twenty7Inc. we help people to create and tell the right story. Because the story is the only thing that people remember.