Public Relations Is Not About Passing Information To The Journalists.

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01 de Septiembre 2020
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It is more than that; it is about creating unique stories.

What many people understand about the publicists is that we are the bridge between media and brand and, our job entails passing the brand information to the journalists. But this is not true. Our job does not only entail passing of the information to the journalists. It also has a lot of other facets.

I am going to list down five major job roles of PR people.

Research- Research plays an important part in the PR profession. PR professionals need to do a lot of research to build the story. To build an impactful story; that should make journalists go wow, has to be filled with facts and data. And to gather facts and data, one needs to do the research. To research the competitors keeping brand objective in mind; required a tool. A good pr training makes a pr professional good researcher.

Content strategy- A content strategy also plays an important role in developing a PR strategy. To develop a good content strategy, a brand needs to listen to its target audience and, their interest. So, this job role also comes under our kitty.

Perception dipstick- Perception dipstick is a tool that helps a brand to get information about brand equity in the market. To understand the correct brand equity, a pr agency talks to different stakeholders and create the perception dipstick.

Creating the database- A PR professional always creates a database for a specific project. The database contains many things; like media lists, story ideas, campaign ideas, etc. The database help smoothen the process of PR.

Building media relations- The most important jobs of a PR guy to build good media relations. It takes time and persistence is required to build a good media relation. Building a good media relation is not any kid’s play.

Therefore, what seems from outside; does not necessarily correct. We work day in day out to keep our clients relevant. It requires many things than just sharing the information.




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