Is It Your First Time To Hire an SEO Company? All That You Need To Know

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10 de Septiembre 2020
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Covid-19 downtime has posed several complex challenges for the businesses to survive, sustain the growth, and to improve the prospects for the future. Covid-19 pandemic has changed the buying and selling behavior for B2B and B2C. The only trustworthy way that has been the growth roadmap for every size business for over the years is to increase the visibility in search results ensuring the best UX. Covid-19 pandemic has increased the dependency of businesses upon the online marketing companies providing SEO, SMO, ORM, Public relations, media management services, and others.

You might not have outsourced digital marketing services so far but now it has become a necessity to survive and grow. I know you might be having a number of questions to get unbiased answers to become sure of getting the justified return for the investment. Getting the best ROI is the prime concern for initiating any marketing campaign. Read the following questions and answers to know all that you need and wish prior to hiring a digital marketing agency:

Q: Is SEO beneficial for the small business or affiliate eCommerce store also?

Yes. SEO is highly beneficial for small business and eCommerce store owners. It helps to:

1. Find new customers in the buying process

2. Get more visitors

3. Get relevant traffic

4. Strengthen brand awareness

5. Improve lead conversion rate

6. Monitor ROI to manage advanced marketing even with a small budget

7. Reduce advertising cost

 Q: Will I need different strategies for on-page SEO and off-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the suit of activities pertaining to optimize ‘web page’ technical parameters. Off-page SEO is planned to strengthen ‘off the website’ factors like the contextual links, the relevance of links, backlinks building, diversity in links, etc that contribute to SERPs ranking. Therefore, you need to initiate two different campaigns for on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Q: What is most important in an SEO strategy?

Keyword research and optimization with priority is the core of SEO strategy. 

Q: Which is the best place to hire the best digital marketing company at the least price?

Delhi is the preferred destination to hire the best digital marketing company at minimum cost. You have more numbers of cost-effective options to hire a result promising digital marketing company in Delhi with extended flexibility in customized SEO packages.   

Q: How to plan the best for off-page SEO in 2020 to reduce Covid-19 impact?      

1. Target Covid-19 relevant keywords

2. Balance long-term goals and short-term goals

3. Apply long-form content marketing strategy (A report by Brian Dean says that the long contents deliver better results than the short contents.)

4. Target the new search terms used by the target audience

5. Update content to address the new concerns of potential customers

6. Do SEO for E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness)     

Q: Is SMO part of the SEO package?

It depends upon the agreement between you and the hired digital marketing company. However, most of the top digital marketing companies include SMO in the SEO package as a standard practice because SMO supports SEO gains.

Q: How can I hire the best digital marketing company in Delhi since it is the first time for me to do this?

Compare the shortlisted online marketing companies on the basis of experience, skills, social repute, diversity in services, clientele, support model, the scope of SEO package, cost of the offered SEO services, etc. 

At The Last To Conclude:

SEO doesn’t do the overnight miracles; it needs time to deliver results. After the introduction of AI (machine learning ) in the ranking system, expertise in SEO has become more important because the time for developing more numbers of backlinks with stuffed keywords is over. Today, the logic behind each activity for SEO and SMO decides the success rate; therefore, hire the digital marketing agency that promises to deliver the results within a specified period, not for volumetric activities.