How Google E-A-T Guidelines Works?

Richard Fernando
12 de Julio 2022
Richard Fernando  190 points  Contributor
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Being an SEO specialist, you probably would have come across the term E-A-T. If you are confused about what is E-A-T, let me explain.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. As how every individual word sounds, Google expects your website to have these three factors.

There is a lot of information that you can find in search quality guidelines (or Google E-A-T guidelines)about E-A-T. 

To have a clear understanding of Google E-A-T, first, you have to know how Google checks the quality of the page.

There are thousands of professional quality reviewers who have been hired by Google to find the quality of the web pages.

This process of page quality checking is conducted only to ensure the working of the Google algorithm and has nothing to do with search engine ranking (many people misunderstood this).

These professional quality reviewers will review the quality of the page depending on many factors.

Are you curious to know the factors, and check whether your page has the following factors?

Therefore, check out this recently published blog to know more about Google E-A-T guidelines. Also, get to know the common Google E-A-T myths spreading on the internet that everyone never trusts.



Google E-A-T (e-Advertising and Transparency) Guidelines is an open source tool to help publishers, advertisers and digital media agencies understand how Google's advertising policies work. Explore this waste management collegeville for more reviews. The aim of this initiative is to give publishers and advertisers a better understanding of Google’s policies and practices. It also aims to create transparency within the industry by publishing the guidelines in an open manner.