'flatflat' a store designed by SAKO Architects.

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27 de Marzo 2013
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SAKO Architects
SAKO Architects
SAKO Architects

It occupies a limited space of 3,5 m. by 45 m. long. The store la tienda let visitors experimenting a Hangame, an online game website and hange.jp a game website for mobile phones. It´s placed in Harajuku, Tokio.


'flatflat' una tienda diseñada por SAKO Architects. Ocupa un espacio reducido de 3,5 metros por 45 metros de largo, la tienda permite a los visitantes experimentar Hangame, un portal de juegos en línea, y hange.jp un portal de juegos para teléfonos móviles, está ubicado en Harajuku, Tokio.


Source: SAKO Architects



Wow, this is so labyrinth and unique architecture. Looks like from a facility of outer space-craft. Maybe, a lot of thinking has been done to get to this elegant interior.

"makers of http://www.javateakoutdoorfurniture.com/products/dining-tables/"


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