English Should Be Declared as the Official Language of the US

Alice Golden
13 de Agosto 2020
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Nowadays English language has become an international language. Moreover, it has the status of the official language in many countries, not just in the UK, the country of its origin. English is taught in many schools throughout the world. Additionally, English is considered to be the language everyone must know if one wants to have a better future or just travel around the world without any language trouble known from marvelousessays.com review.

If someone would ask what is the official language of the US, no wonder when everyone would say it is English. The more surprising fact is that it is not true. After many years of freedom and independency, the United States of American still does not have their official language. Moreover, the fact that it is not decided yet is strange, because almost every year someone in the Parliament offers this amendment to be added to the Constitution of the USA, and this year was not an exception. Knowing and speaking English will surely guarantee the country not just benefits in economy in terms of trade, but also benefits and new possibilities for the US immigrants. It is stated long time ago that every US citizen has to know English to become a resident of the United States of America, so why then English is not an official language yet?

The thing is that declaring English as an official language will not have an effect on the private everyday life of the US citizens, but mostly an effect on governmental issues. Declaring English as an official language would mean the end to the multilingual policy; it would mean that government has to work and operate using exceptionally English and no other languages, unless they would be declared as official either. However, it does not mean that other languages would become forbidden. In schools, universities and in official organizations and companies the main focus would be on learning and using English as the first and the only official language. Although bilingual education would be still accessible and all emergency systems would be accessible in any language, too. It is also necessary to remember that American nation was founded by English people who were speaking the language. Moreover, as everyone knows the Constitution of the US is written in English also, and it is only understandable if English would be declared as the official language of the US.

There is also an economic reason in declaring English as the official language. Since the US faced one of the greatest economic crises in its history, it is not profitable for its budget to produce official documents in different languages as well as to translate them afterwards in English. Nowadays translation services are not so cheap and may requires additional other services, except mere translation. Currently many countries in the world are faced with the problem of spending too much money on translation and the US is not an exception. Therefore, Canada for example has two official languages and even this country has decreased the amount of translated documents by using them only in English. That is the second reason to declare English language in the US as its official one. Lastly, most immigrants want to learn it too, so they could have an opportunity to gain better jobs.

As it seems there are only arguments for declaring English as the official language. The US government has to declare English to be the official language. Then and with this declaration and this amendment, the nation will unite different ethnic groups that are living in the USA with one official language and will become even stronger nation than it is today.




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English is the dominant language in the United States and it should be declared as the official language of the US. An official language is a language that is given a special legal status in a particular country, state, or other jurisdiction. However, we can also hire dissertation writers to manage our daily assignments easily. By virtue of its origins as the language of early colonial administration, English has been given this status in many jurisdictions-administrative divisions and states' laws are promulgated in English and government officials are required to master it.