Do We Have Enough Space For The Coverages In This Pandemic?

2wenty7 Inc
28 de Agosto 2020
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Today the coronavirus cases in India are growing. India is recording than 65,000 new cases every day. It seems like this is not going to end soon. But the best part about it is; the recovery rate in India is still much better. There are many states like Delhi, Mumbai, Kerela have seen the recovery rate more than 90 percent. The government is trying their best to control this pandemic but, as it seems that it should be our ( people) jobs as well to support the government.

When I went outside today from my home, I did see many people without a mask. They were not even following the social distancing. The seen seems worrying. Today Delhi government has reported more than 1600 cases i.e 40 days highest single-day jump. Delhi government has issued fresh guidelines keeping the pandemic in mind. They are going to increase the testings. They are going to double the testing. But it can only be controlled if as a citizen we become aware and fulfill our responsibility.

Now the challenge we are facing is about the coverages. Many people are skeptical about newspapers. The circulation of newspapers and magazines decreases with a big margin. Many newspaper houses have stopped their operation. Like Mail Today an India today group newspaper has suddenly announced that they are shutting their operations. India-today group has also shut its fashion magazine. The same thing is happening to every other media house. But, as people say that every problem comes with an opportunity. And as a PR we also should move towards solving the problem.

While physical copies are getting unpopularity the online portals are has seen the growth. People have turned to online publications for a daily dose of news. Daily hunt and INshorts are growing. The screen time of an individual has also increased and it has created an opportunity for PR pundits.

Webinars are new normal. Due to the COVID scene as people are avoiding interacting in person. They are turning towards webinars. You can see that every new media house is doing webinars. Exchange4media, VC circle, Forbes, etc. This has created an opportunity for us to get our clients placed in related webinars.

So, as it is mentioned in the headline that do we have enough space for coverage; I would say that yes we do have. The model has certainly changed to physical to digital. And it was inevitable. We as a PR agency has been seeing this change for long. We have seen this at the time of the social media boom as well. When Facebook was hot an Instagram was not in the picture.

There will be more platforms coming in our way and the media industry will also be changing. This is a part of our evolution. But we need to be ready for this kind of change. More importantly, we should be aware of the change and act swiftly. If we want to move ahead, we should be aware of the market trend. Change is inevitable but coping with change is what plays a vital role.

Therefore, there is space and there will be space for coverage.