Difference between thought leadership and brand awareness

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23 de Octubre 2020
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PR agencies should clearly understand the objective.

For a laymen, though the end result of thought leadership and brand awareness may seem the same, but on unravelling the layers minutely, it becomes evident that both have a different impact on the audience.

Creating brand awareness can be instrumental in distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. This is very effective in attracting and acquiring the audience.

On the other hand, thought leadership establishes an authoritative voice in the industry. It is the outcome of strong content strategy. Thought leadership champions innovative ideas, helpful in providing insightful guidance.

It has the power to impart relevant knowledge and give clarity in certain unexpected and constraint areas. As compared to content marketing – an element of brand awareness, thought leadership requires a structured approach. 

Looking at the intensity of thought leadership, it is meant majorly for educational purpose. Whereas, content marketing is driven by the force of fun and entertainment. Hence, it can be seen that thought leadership delves deeper as compared to the brand awareness. It challenges the status quo and builds on an individual or company’s expertise.

Some of the elements defining thought leadership is listed below:

  1. It strikes a conversation and establishes one as a knowledgeable expert in a specific area. In order to start a conversation pertaining to a particular industry, you need to know the industry inside out.

A main content can cover a plethora of topics but when accompanied with purpose it gives the authenticity as an industry leader, having rich knowledge in the specific area. 

  1. A specific audience can be educated with the correct strategic approach and the right tone of insightful content. The traditional marketing strategy is meant for the general audience whereas the thought leadership content targets a particular section of the audience who are educated about the minute intricacies of the industry. 


  1. Thought leadership is instrumental in establishing a meaningful relationship. The impact of thought leadership goes beyond the result of brand awareness. It is richer, highly meaningful and establishes genuine relationship with the people you are trying to reach while strengthens the already established relationship.

Public speaking opportunity coming under thought leadership create recall value that goes beyond Instagram post. Where influencers can arouse your urge to want something, public speaking can bring about a positive change, it can inspire you to do something or love something. Public speaking makes a genuine point and delivers a message in a different and effective way. 

Public speaking has various advantages and some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Imparting information about a topic
  • Securing sponsorship
  • Contributes in motivating the team
  • Generates opportunity for internal conferences
  • Aids in B2B networking events

On the other hand, taking example of influencer outreach, coming under brand awareness can form intimate long-lasting and authenticrelationship with the audience. The regular interaction results in obtaining loyal fans. Influencers can enhance the awareness of the followers in myriad topics from discount offers, to give them advice or recount the competitions.

They are a good option for companies with low budget or those who want to establish a close relationship with the audience. Below are some of the advantages of having an influencer:

  • It helps in building the physical profile
  • It is instrumental in relating to the loyal fan base
  • Aid in selling the lifestyle offerings
  • Creates awareness in a specific community

Therefore, before starting with the service, the best PR agency must map out the target audience of the brand. And based on the audience must strategically formulate the approach for maximum output.

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