15 PR Hacks For Your Startup At The Time Of COVID From The Best PR Agency In Delhi.

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02 de Septiembre 2020
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The PR hacks from the best pr agency in Delhi will save your time and money both. 

At the time of COVID- 19, businesses are suffering financially. In the recently published activity, the GDP growth has seen 40 yrs low. The GDP stands at -23.9%. This news is worrying for the nation. The current situation is the worst phase for many businesses. Businesses like Hospitality, Event, and others are facing big-time trouble. Many startups are also facing trouble. Hence as a best pr agency in Delhi, we have decided to provide free hacks to the startups for PR exercise. 

Here are the 15 hacks that will be proven beneficial:


1. Create one line messaging

2. The vision of the company

3. The objective of the exercise

4. USP of the company

5. Background of the founder

6. Story idea creation

7. Mail construction

8. Media research

9. Media list preparation

10. Follow up 

11. Media strategy

12. Content strategy

13. Campaign strategy

14. Competition analysis

15. Market analysis 

Doing PR is not an easy job. It requires persistence and patience. In the following sentence, I am going to clarify the points. These points from the best pr agency in Delhi will help startups to understand and create the PR campaign for itself.

1. Create one-liner messaging:


The first and foremost thing about any startups or any company is to create a clear messaging. Clear messaging helps journalists and other stakeholders to understand the concept. A good PR activity is all about clear messaging. A one-liner messaging can help you increase engagement as well. Especially while constructing a story idea the one-liner messaging works like magic. Hence, to start the campaign startup should create one-liner messaging.

2. The vision of the company:

To create good PR exercises the company has to be extremely precise about the vision of the founders. The vision of the company and founders are the most important things in the long run. The vision and mission of the company and founders matter a lot while influencing the media coverage. Hence when writing an email to media houses it’s very important to be straight and clear about the vision. 

3. The objective of the exercise:

Planning is the key. But creating a plan for a reason is what creates a difference. One starts a journey to reach nowhere. The same goes for a PR exercise. If the objective is not unclear the journey becomes aimless. therefore before starting a campaign, as per advised by all the best pr agencies in Delhi, it’s important to be extremely clear about the objective. Once the objective is decided, we move ahead with the planning phase. 

4. USP of the company:

Every other company starts with some vision and USP. A startup mainly solves one or the other problems present in the industry. The USP determines how a company is different from the other company. To impress or establish communication with the journalist a company should focus on USP and how it is going to create a difference in the community. This becomes a vital point for a story to be told and to sell the same. The journalists always look for a new story and upcoming quality product or venture in the market. so, to create a good pr campaign; it important to project the USP.

5. Background of the founder:

This is also an important point. An impressive background of the founder, either from a good university or with a good amount of experience in the market makes them star entrepreneurs. As suggested by the best pr agency in Delhi, while creating a PR plan, a company should focus on the same to get the limelight. Look, it’s not only that the people invest in the company but the investment also happens on the founders. the early-stage investment is always decided upon the badges that startup founders carry. Hence, projecting the background of the founder classically can become a key to establish communication for the startups. 

6. Story idea creation:


PR is a communication business. And stories are the most important thing in communication. To establish a trust factor in the startup, the company should focus on creating the story. Creating the story also brings eyeballs. A good story always has the potential to penetrate the masses and create an impact. Good story creation is an art. to impress a journalist one has to create the story and work towards it. hence creating a story idea with keeping all the above-mentioned points are very important. You can also refer to other blogs on content to understand more about the story idea creation and its importance.

7. Mail construction:

Constructing an email is an art. If you know how to construct a good email, half of the battle is already won. Crating good mail requires throughout command on the language and awareness about the situation. it also requires research. Please keep in mind that whenever you construct and email the language has to be simple and straightforward. The mail should never consist of complicated language as it might create miscommunication. 

8. Media research:


Media research means to be aware of the journalist. While any startup wants to create a PR campaign media research should be the first step. You should be knowing about the portfolio of the journalist. The readership or reach of the medium. Finding out the right set of journalists will save both time and effort. It also helps in cracking a good story. Being the best pr agency in Delhi, we have a great media research team and we take this job seriously. 

9. Media list preparation:

Preparing a media list is a hectic task. The media list creation depends on the competency of the team. Every best pr agency in Delhi has an updated media list. To create a media champion, a media list is very important. Media list creation has to be done carefully as if the updates are wrong then it will be a waste of time and energy. 

10. Follow-ups:

After sending an email to the journalists its important to take the followup on the story. A journalist almost receives more than 150 emails in their mailbox. hence its import to remind them about the mail sent by you. For that matter only, one needs to do rigorous follow with the journalist. Getting good coverages is an effort game. And putting effort into followup with the journalist is crucial to get the story covered. 

11. Media strategy:

Media strategy means first deciding where and why to pitch the story. First of all, deciding upon media related to specific domains. the domain in which your startup exists. Once you decide that, decide the specific media for the same. Once specific media is decided then create a strategy to reach those people and tell your story. without a good media strategy, the entire campaign is not going to be useful. 

12. Content strategy:


Content strategy is the pillar of every communication. The content has to be planned and written carefully. The content strategy should complement the entire communication and match up to the objective. A lot of great content ideas can be found on the internet. Content on the trending topics is always a hot piece of cake. Hence a little bit of research and strategic content is the soul of the PR activity. 

13. campaign strategy:

Campaign strategy is about creating a roadmap. We all know, how important is to create a roadmap. Campaign strategy has to be well thought. It should be based upon the objective and goal. the tactics have to be defined properly. Campaign strategy also helps us clearly see the path forward. The best pr agency in Delhi can help you also to create a great campaign strategy. While creating a campaign strategy one has to be careful about the target group, target media, etc.

14. Competition analysis:

While creating a campaign swot analysis is a must. In the SWOT analysis, the most important point is to do the competition analysis. Competitors’ analysis showcases us in many different ways. It gives us insight into our competitors, their initiatives, brand equity in the market, etc. 

15. Market analysis:

The market analysis should be done to understand the market scenario. For example, being a startup you come with one product but the market is not accepting it, the reason being the market is overloaded with a similar product. Just think from the communication point of view. Every journalist who writes on startup receives several emails with the claims of being unique in the segment. It becomes hectic for the journalists if the supporting data is not mentioned in the same email to support the claim. The best pr agency in Delhi always look for the market data point and suggest you construct a plan accordingly. 

All the above-mentioned points are not only important for a full proof pr plan for startups, but it is also extremely important for creating the buzz around your target audience. Startups like ola, uber, Zomato, etc use PR activities to be present in front of the target audience. Communication is the key to sales. And communication is the only way to create a market.

Source: https://twenty7inc.in/15-pr-hacks-for-your-startup-at-the-time-of-covid-from-the-best-pr-agency-in-delhi/



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