Central Park Summer Pavilion

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The Big Tree at Central Park

CPSP - 1433
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY/ Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee / in India
3 miembros
Bhawya Joshi
Ashish Pant
Priyank Pant

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Climb The Big-Tree at Central Park

Central Park conserves natural environment in the midst of a congested city of New York. People crave for the tranquility of nature to disassociate themselves from the hubbub of city life. The Big-Tree encapsulates the nature through a built structure that recreates the thrill, peace, isolation, amusement and openness of being in nature. More importantly, it aims at providing additional spaces to the park for various activities without taking away from its natural surroundings. The structure has small ground coverage so that, no tree is demolished and green spaces are kept intact. Moreover, owing to its small ground coverage, The Big-Tree can be duplicated in any suitable part of the park as per space requirements, without disturbing yet effortlessly mingling with the surrounding environment.

Exterior branching structure called The Shell is load bearing that along with The Core in the center support the floors keeping them open and column free. These elevated floors are divided into space pockets for cultural activities, and garden pockets for leisure sitting, banquet spaces, open air theater and concerts. The garden pockets also create habitat for flora and fauna that can be appreciated closely by anyone who climbs The Big-Tree. The spaces are either enclosed by transparent glass walls or left exposed altogether. It creates openness among the spaces; and provides clear uninterrupted view of the Central Park. Floating decks for viewing have glass floors which creates the thrill of climbing a tree. High elevation further dampens the noise from the city and provides the quiet. The elliptical shape and high ceiling offers fresh air and sunlight to the spaces. The interiors have minimum artificial conditions and more of natural settings such as bird perches, water body, gardens that connect humans to the nature through their sense of hearing, sight, touch and smell.

The Big-Tree amalgamates the park and the city through its architecture. The building represents a tree which echoes the surrounding and its skyscraper architecture represents the characteristic image of the city. The considerable height of the tree gives it visibility from any part of the park. During the day, it replicates a tree; at night the bulbous part will glow from inside lighting up the surrounding and giving people in the park a beautiful view of the lit up tree.

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