Breaking Barriers: Expand your Brand into the Metaverse

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ORYOL STATE UNIVERSITY named after I.S. Turgenev / ru Russian Federation
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Anatolii Savoskin

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Just imagine how your idea of studying at the university would change if it becomes possible for you to observe real historical events along with their heroes modeled by a neural network? Sounds like the description of a sci-fi movie, but what if it's true?

This conceptual project which is called "Sphere of Knowledge" can help students, teachers and all people interested in new knowledge to learn any professions at an incredibly new level in the metaverse space.

All you need is just to create your avatar, choose your teacher, which can be absolutely any person who has ever existed on the planet. The neural network will model any historical event or location on the sphere screen.

You will also be able to visualize any scientific processes that were previously incomprehensible or controversial to you.

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