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Università degli studi di Genova / it Italy
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Michela Quadrelli

The Embarcadero area of San Francisco has different dismessed piers. A new space for cultural exchange is requested to activate them.
Why to regenerate just one part of the old harbor and not try to give a new life to the whole area?
The idea is to develope new modular flooting architectures, which can host the functions and change position, to be able to re-activate the different areas of the site, depending on the needs and the occasions.
They can be added, moved, connected to the road, to the piers or to each other, or just be alone at sea, reacheable by water vehicles or bridges.
Thanks to their shapes, they can be easily assembled and connected, in order even to create new situations between them, as sea swimming pools. Or they can host new functions (accomodations, auditoriums, exhibition areas), once the developing process of the area will be started, making even possible to develop new activities on the piers.

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