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BaBH - 1192
University of Pennsylvania / us United States
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Jiyuan Liu

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The concept of X·SCAPE is to create a hyper-artificial landscape supporting as the substrate for multi-purpose knowledge and information exchange. The building program, landscape, infrastructure are interconnected in the X·SCAPE to encourage encountering of different users and fourish physical communication in the digital era.

Inspired by the richness of the waterfront landscape in San Francisco, the main massing is evolving from terrace-like topology to define three main circulation and event loops. The KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE loop is designed for tourists and quick information and culture exchange with the least length as a quick hang out between people. The MEDIA CENTER loop is designed with the largest density to accommodate the library, media center, and office program. The 5-story massing also defines the boundary of this project from the sea and relating itself to the bay bridge. The WATERFRONT ENTERTAINMENT loop is designed with the lowest density but most open spacious experience. Lecture rooms, exhibition, and cafe are contained by the loop to light up the 1.4km trial with gorgeous views of the harbor. All of the massings are folded and morphed to increase the depth of layers and create intersections to extend the limit of each loop, encouraging new opportunities of encountering.

Three main massings of different density and height are uninformed at the skyline to give a gradual and smooth transition from the urban feeling to the sea. The same language is employed on the facade to generate patterns rather than gestures to form an even feeling form both exterior and interior.

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