Beca Arquideas 2013

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B2013 - 1264
Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad / rs Serbia
1 miembros
Neda Radman

Tipo de proyecto:

Originally a farming area, traditionally growing bananas and tomatoes, in recent times, Costa Adeje has been changing rapidly. Massive agricultural landscapes are transformed into mass-touristic development.

This proposal should integrate those aspects in context, and give new identity to the site, focused on tradition and natural surroundings implementing new trends in ecology and tourism.

Thalassotherapy centre is usually linked to the sea, but this one would represent, not just this connection, but the whole south part of island with its relief and landscape. Plot on a slopping terrain illustrates Tenerife transformation.

The site is divided into three parts. Top of the plot is left ‘blank’, as the top of the island, Mount Teide is conserved and free from developing projects. Thalassotheray centre, shaped as typical Spanish patio house, is situated in central part of the plot. Small banana plantation in the middle reminds of the agricultural history of the site. The lowest part of the plot represents connection of the island with the ocean. There is a ‘beach’ with natural swimming pools. The natural swimming pool is divided into two areas: The swimming zone, in this case zero-entry pool, and the regeneration zone consists of a lined overflow pool filled with specific filtration substrate and plants used for water filtration.

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