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Dear Ayra,

“I swear that we didn’t make up the name, we inherited”

It comes to my mind Eduardo Galeano’s quote meanwhile I remain here, in Ibiza, and I firmly know that the project standing in front of me, which is not invented, is definitely inherited.

Wandering through the island and getting lost in its paths I realize that there’s one that specially catches my attention. I walk through its worn wooden planks but still they are solid. I immediately wonder if there is, by any chance, a correlation between the landscape, the human being and its architecture.

At the beginning I arise over a cliff a few meters and, as I separate from the floor, I feel how I get rid of the pathway. As I make my way to the ground, and the ribs which sustain the wood flooring grow to reach the beach, I am aware that a secret is hidden behind all of these. The feeling of an unexpected and rushed vertigo comes to my mind, it is one of those feelings that shakes you all and excites you at the same time.

I hear the rocks, the wood, the sea, the sand and the sky and I know inside and out that they speak the same language. In their memories are kept all that has been said and, as time passes by, I am sure that more stories ought to be told.

When it looks like all of it its over, there is still much more to happen. I feel the wind like and endless kiss, it brings with it whispers and laughters of people playing nearby. The curve splits and, as it does so, different levels are created. In these levels all the laughs can be identified with each owner. In front of me the track suddenly seems to vanish, nevertheless this is just a way to invite you to swim in. I accept the invitation and swim the 25 meters spreading ahead of me.

I have stopped in order to rest and write you this letter. To my left there are still curves and experiences, to my right meters of the dock with its sailing boats and compartments tempting for me to cross. When I reach the end of the dock, the best said to be for everyone, I look ahead and contemplate as the horizon arises. The horizon or rather said the infinite line that unites all things, even the spot where I am right now.

People are buildings as buildings are architecture. The landscape has accepted and integrated the project itself. The project does not overshadow the landscape, it reaffirms its greatness. It becomes an extension of the landscape. Without any warning I realize now that I belong to this place, as the people that surround me and the ones yet to come.

Best wishes,


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Interesting project in its context.
One of my favs.


We like this! So interesting...Great! Congratulations!

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