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Atacama Space Odyssey

IMOA - 1440
fi Finland
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Olli Vuorinen

We have attempted to create an architectural experience that would draw visitors to the new museum from all over the world. Inspired by the esthetics of science fiction and contemporary minmalist museum architecture, the layout of the museum is circular, with a large spherical planetarium in the middle of the building. The inside of the planetarium is used for various performances, while the outside functions as a spherical screen, giving a truly spectacular display of spatial phenomena to museum visitors–morphing from a view of deep space to a nebula, a massive Sun or the Earth. Circulation and flexible exhibition, research, and seminar spaces are arranged around it. The museum is located almost wholly underground, with only a circular concrete arch reaching for the sky, behind a small ridge, visible from the main road. Thus the museum does not disturb the spectacular surrounding landscape and its facilities, protected from the sun, can be kept cool energy-efficiently while simultaneously minimizing light pollution.

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