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APP1221. Energy efficiency hotel for artist retreat, creativity and insight.

APP - 1221
Tula state university / ru Russian Federation
1 miembros
Margarita Dotcenko

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The concept of the given project is based on the balance of nature and architecture. The historical place being a tourist attraction is chosen for the building construction. For saving the primeval nature the decision to place the construction into the lake has been made. Such decision will be of a great support in saving heating and conditioning. The construction has been placed not far from Karelia Republic. Being in the nature and near the water will help to concentrate on the creativity. The harmony with nature will influence on the creative process in some beneficial way. It will protect the forests from deforestation. It will influence on the ecological situation only in a good way. The chosen location will be a great advantage for the tourist attraction to this historical place. The location in the lake will be aesthetic and harmonic. It won't destroy the wholeness of the environment.

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