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APP - 1210
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, Politécnica / es Spain
1 miembros
María Fernández Ceballos

Tipo de proyecto:
Residencial Colectiva

In a time of change, we move and look for new places to install much of our lives for as long as necessary. The increase in single person households and the number of divorces or marital separations, provisional coexistence, increasing nomadism... All these things have caused that the concept “family” has changed and, consequently, also “home”. In these times of forced migrations, we will never be able to know what lies on the other side or the changes that our lives will suffer. All os this could make us need a house that allows continuous adaptation to each of those variations. Architecture and, therefore, rehabilitation, should be sensitive to temporal reality and the changes that are occurring increasingly faster. Giving the buildings a certain versatility simplifies part of our lives, without preconditions; we should not think of buildings as a finished project; or in planning, a unique performance. And in that way we would allow a continuous transformation and perfectibility.

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