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APP1179 - Romantic Roosevelt

APP - 1179
Alcalá de Henares / es Spain
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Carlota Ardanaz Petit

Purpose Manhattan:
New York is the perfect stage for movies, pictures and romantic scenes. A great deal has been written about perfect weddings in the Big Apple, brides wanting to turn his dream into reality and travel to New York to marry or to celebrate the honeymoon.

A wedding in Roosevelt Island:
The project is located on Roosevelt Island (East River of New York City), between the island of Manhattan to the west and the borough of Queens to the east.

It reflects and investigates on a new program that meets the needs currently not satisfied in Manhattan. To equip Roosevelt Island with new activities, it becomes into a place of attraction to the public, a meeting place that will serve as catalyst and it will help to reactivate the island. It is proposed to equip the south of the island with a program that covers all the needs for celebrate a wedding. Taking advantage of the economic strength of the business of weddings in the United States, the success of the program is guaranteed.

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APP1179 - Romantic Roosevelt
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