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Universidad de Sevilla / es Spain
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Carmen Pérez Real

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The project is located in the city of Medina Sidonia, in the province of Cádiz (Spain), specifically in the Cristo de la Sangre Hill, in the north of the Historic City.
On the one hand, the city of Medina Sidonia seated on the side (west), and as the background, the backdrop of the Bay of Cadiz. Furthermore, the Acorns Park to the east badge. It was necessary, therefore, to develop an intervention which would allow us to enjoy these views.
Finally, with the intention to value the Hermitage, it was necessary to seek the direct communication between the draft new plant and the pre-existence, a link that was methodical with the Hermitage.
Another of the premises when carrying out the project was its adaptation to the ground. The relationship with the Hermitage and the landscape had to be achieved with a few volumes, despite their presence, stand out in terms of height above ground or as a solid block.
The design of the project consists on a hotel and a restaurant, which the connection between both is considered important point to start this project. To objectify this project, it’s necessary to adapt to the different areas retaining walls along three levels. Orientation is very important because we have an environment near the hill where single-family buildings with two and three plants predominate.

Restaurant will be situated to the east, increasing the value of the medieval wall with an outdoor area in contact with it. A central core from which the whole project develops, the hotel reception, oriented north-south direction. The rooms would be distributed to the southwest, obtaining an evening illumination warmer and far from the most intense hours of sun. With the wish to make a proper proposal without damaging the image of the hill, we consider the highest point of the hill (+290.00 m) as height of the uppermost deck of the project. Therefore, to access the hotel reception, it is necessary to descend 4 meters; (elevation +286.00 m) to be carried out by a vehicle access ramp at a pedestrian access will be distinguished. This proposal is considered of vital importance the arrival of the car to the nearest reception point to be conducted in a comfortable and functional loading and unloading luggage, but without forgetting that it is also necessary that the path of the car is conducted in the least invasive way possible.

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