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The device is based on the weave of concrete overlaying its own to the existing language on a parchment of sky. The present occupies the interstices of the past updating it to future needs on an extruded palimpsest. The logic of romantic subterfuge is imposed on the tabula rasa.

This Thesis addresses on its agenda the creation of a media plus a cultural center in Málaga (Spain) on a plot occupied almost entirely by the Post Office building (Correos). The strong height / area relationship of this building and other buildings that flank the Avenida de Andalucía suggest keeping this trend. This determination, coupled with the iconic nature of the post office and a willinness to sustainability gained with the current situation and grounded for any future action promotes the convergence of the new project with the existing building. Joining an extensive program with fuzzy boundaries between its parts, in such a sectored element, without falling into an isolated accumulation of activities, is the main objective of a project that seeks to give a three-dimensional solution to a plan designed building.

The proposal stems from knowledge of the existing building. Correos is understood as a vertical plot with footholds arranged in height, with plans to embed or remove, with pillars like immutable trees. Through this process of subtraction and addition transformation materializes: repetition of disjointed levels becomes in sequence of spaces. The new element integrates a program sorted by height in order to serve to occupation. This, together with the connections made between the different levels, minimizes the disadvantages of vertical distribution and allows covering nearly the entire space continuously. In addition, a new stairwell is integrated to meet the requirements of the DB–SI standard.

Structurally the device is supported by the beams, if the design permits, incorporating metal profiles anchored to the supports required in those cases. In the construction field enclosure functions are shared by three layers: the outer, consisting of sheets of PVC, is the first protective barrier that surrounds the building and helps minimize salinity problems of structural concrete support; a curtain wall is the middle layer; the internal geometry of the project itself, finished with a system of Alucobond panels, is the innermost layer and controls the incidence of light. Finally, the facilities are integrated to achieve homogeneity and unity in the new part.

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