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Ancestral resting

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The immensity of the Grand Canyon makes us feel tiny, its biodiversity and climate make us think if it is possible or not to inhabit it. At some moment of the existence, how did inhabit this place the ancient civilizations millions of years ago?

From there begins the argument of the project, which tries to rescue and remember the way in which they inhabited the ancient natives of North America, specifically referring to the civilization of the "Anazasi".
The project consists in first place on occupying a specific geographical situation in the lower part of the Great canyon, near the Colorado river, these geographical conditions are the basins that form in that place.

Based on the way the "Anazasi" lived and the existing geographical condition chosen, the project "The ancestral rest" is composed of two parts, the first is a center in which the people descends it and meets the users around a stove, alluding to the old "kivas" construction of the named civilization, starting this articulates it towards the refuges ascending to the interior of the hill until arriving at the resting place where it is possible to appreciate a wonderful view towards the river and its surroundings, in opposition to the universal postcard of the Grand Canyon.

That is why this project invites the adventurous user as well as the tourist interested in the ancestral culture of North America to live an unforgettable experience, a journey where the present becomes an instant of the past.

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Ancestral resting
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