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The Alphabet Nursery.

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German Jordanian University / jo Jordan
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ayah alsabbagh

A space for creativity is a space that enables learning by doing. It is where students create tangible objects as part of their learning journey. Its success highly depends on flexibility, tool accessibility, and playability. The concept of the alphabet nursery is about designing a flexible space using a unifying language. One module (15 cm* 30 cm* 30cm) is metaphorically a letter. When combined with another one, it changes its meaning, becomes a word. When combined with more modules or complementary elements, they'll have another meaning, and become a phrase, and so on. For example, the child can use one module as a floor seat and use four of the same module as a step, and eight of them as a play fort. Therefore, the high flexibility and the accessibility to 3D printing tools in the nursery enables children to reimagine existing reality. With time, children can be fluent in the language of this space.

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The Alphabet Nursery.
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